Guide for Tempered Glass Mobilyos

Before starting, here are two important pieces of advice

  • Work in a clean, dry, and well-lit location
  • Wash your hands

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The first step involves cleaning your phone’s screen with the alcohol-treated cleaning cloth that is supplied in the package. Ensure that the entire surface has been cleaned. It is entirely normal to see some marks on the screen at this stage.

Once you’ve finished cleaning, use the microfibre cloth to remove any marks that remain. Don’t hold back : it’s fine to go over the same location several times. No marks or traces of dirt should remain, and you can check this by angling the phone towards a light source.

After completing this stage, do not place your fingers on the phone’s display. To eliminate any final grains of dust, you can use the anti-dust sticker that is supplied in the package. A hairdryer on a cold setting can also be used to complete the process.

Important reminder : once you have finished cleaning the phone, do not place your fingers on the display.


Ensure one final time that there are no marks or dust on the display of your phone.

To complete this step, you must remove the protective film by pulling on the tab. It is vital that you do not under any circumstances place your fingers on the adhesive surface of the glass.